First Look: GForce Arms .410 Lever-Action Shotgun

First Look: GForce Arms .410 Lever-Action Shotgun

GForce Arms has just announced the GFLVR410, a new .410 lever-action shotgun imported out of Turkey.

GForce Arms primarily sell Turkish shotguns, and their catalog is dominated by break actions, pump actions and automatics that are mostly intended for hunting. The company has just announced a new shotgun import, however, and it’s more interesting than most of the other models that they carry. The GFLVR410 is a .410 lever-action shotgun that will soon be available with the choice between two barrel lengths and a number of different finishes.

GForce GFLVR410 blued

While .410 is not most people’s choice for a hunting or defensive shotgun, it can be very fun to shoot and is a good tool for training new shooters. That’s exactly how GForce Arms is marketing the GFLVR410 too—as a range toy and a fun way to introduce people to shooting sports. A lever-action is a great choice for a gun of this style as well, as lever-actions are not only fun and historical but are safer to teach new shooters with than any kind of automatic.

GFLVR410 firing

The GFLVR410 will be available with either a 20-inch or 24-inch barrel, with each respective model having a capacity of 7+1 or 9+1 shotshells. The stocks are made from Turkish Walnut, the receivers are aluminum and each shotgun comes with a HIVIZ fiber optic front sight. The aluminum receivers are finished with Cerakote and will originally be available with either a blued or nickel-colored finish, but GForce says that more finish options will eventually be for sale as well. The MSRP is $699 and they are shipping to dealers now.

GForce Lever-Action nickel

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