RISE Armament Releases Rave PCC Trigger

RISE Armament Releases Rave PCC Trigger

RISE Armament has just released the Rave PCC Trigger for 9mm ARs, and the company claims it will offer the perfect balance between reliability, performance and price.

RISE Armament of Oklahoma specializes in aftermarket AR parts, and they’ve already released several triggers that have proven to be popular with shooters of all kinds. The company’s best-selling model was the Rave 140, and RISE claims that the new Rave PCC Trigger will emulate it both in terms of function and price. Because of this, RISE believes that the new Rave PCC will quickly become known as the best value drop-in trigger available for 9mm ARs.

Rave PCC feature

The problem with installing aftermarket triggers in 9mm ARs is the guns’ use of a blowback gas system. This style of action is far more violent than the average AR-15, so the triggers of PCC ARs need to be able to withstand a greater amount of abuse. RISE’s solution to this for the Rave PCC trigger was simply to beef it up. The new trigger includes hardened S7 steel components internally, a machined 6061 aluminum housing and a black nitride finish all over.

Rave PCC flat trigger

The Rave PCC Trigger is available with a choice of either a curved trigger or a straight and flat one, but regardless of trigger shape RISE claims that they will feature a clean and crisp break at 3.5-pounds. Both models also include RISE’s Quik-Klik tactile reset system.

RISE PCC Trigger side

The new triggers are drop-in style and should be extremely easy to install. Each purchase also includes a set of free anti-walk pins and RISE’s lifetime warranty. MSRP for both new models of the Rave PCC Trigger is $149.99 and they are available now.

For more on RISE Armament, please visit risearmament.com.

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