Exercise Your CCW Rights On Independence Day

Exercise Your CCW Rights On Independence Day
This is your day. Use your rights or lose them.

As we approach the Independence Day holiday it my be more important than ever to exercise your CCW rights.

Most often this space is used to present information about new products, training tips and other important “tangible” CCW issues. I try to avoid political grandstanding. But I'm taking this time to remind you that there remain large and powerful groups of people out there who would happily take our guns. We need to stand up to them.

Carry your concealed handgun anywhere you legally can. Protect your rights by exercising them.

One of the best ways to do this is to be an ambassador for good conduct with a firearm. Yes, I know the news media only reports that bad news, but your friends and neighbors have lots of influence, too.  If you show the world that you are a rational, reasonable, gun-owning citizen, you become the person they think of when they hear about CCW issues on the news.

Become an advocate for gun ownership and concealed carry. Talk about it. Talk about it rationally. Let people know that you believe in the right of law-abiding citizens to be able to protect themselves anywhere they go. We never know when a criminal will strike. If we could accurately predict crime, there would be none. You don't have to tell people when you are carrying, that gives away your tactical advantage. Just let them know you approve of concealed carry laws. Stay calm during the discussion. That really gets liberals cranked up. They typically want a passionate argument based on emotion, not a calm discussion based on the facts. If you remain calm, you prove that you can keep your head.

Finally, during this holiday celebration carry your firearm anywhere you are legally allowed. Check your local laws, then strap up and step out. It is your right. Many people have died defending your rights. Don't let those rights be eroded.

We're all in this together.

This is your day. Use your rights or lose them.


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