Where Disaster Strikes – Colorado Wildfires

Where Disaster Strikes – Colorado Wildfires


The Waldo Canyon fires ravaging Colorado will go down as one of the worst in the state's history. In Colorado Springs alone, an estimated 350 homes have been destroyed by the flames, according to USA Today. Dangerous conditions forced thousands to flee the area.

It's a dire survival situation. Unlike floods, which tend to follow predictable geographic routes, fires can quickly change course with the wind. Thick smoke can travel miles in minutes, affecting air quality of areas not close to the blaze.

Faced with a total loss of property, a short-term bug-out bag isn't going to cut it in this situation. Now is the time to follow the full-fledged disaster plan preppers should have already created. This should include the five home survival kit items listed here that most people forget.

Fires like the one in Colorado do afford more time to evacuate, unlike flash floods. But don't count on taking your sweet time. Develop that disaster plan now.

If you need help, click here for home survival kit ideas from Build the Perfect Survival Kit.


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