Coalition Threatening to Sue CSU Because of Weapons Ban Proposal


Rocky Mountain Gun OwnersThe Rocky Mountain Gun Owners group is planning a Feb. 1 news conference at which Alderden is expected to declare he will not jail anyone caught violating the proposed policy.

Without elaborating, Alderden on Monday confirmed his position to the Coloradoan.

CSU is one of the sole public universities that permits people to carry concealed weapons on its campuses.

The CSU Board of Governors next month will consider a ban on all weapons on campus. That ban would extend to people who have concealed weapons permits but also would apply to pellet guns and Tasers.

CSU System board members argue that banning weapons, concealed or otherwise, from the Fort Collins and Pueblo campuses will improve safety by reducing the number of guns on campus. Weapons are already prohibited in residence halls.

RMGO spokesman Ray Hickman said CSU has failed to show any real evidence that banning guns improves safety. Read more


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