CMMG Launches DISSENT Line Of Buffer-Less AR Pistols

CMMG Launches DISSENT Line Of Buffer-Less AR Pistols

CMMG has just announced the DISSENT pistol line, a new family of buffer-less AR pistols initially offered in three calibers.

People love AR pistols because they’re small, but a limitation of the original design has always been the buffer tube permanently protruding from the rear. With ultimate compactness as the goal, CMMG has just announced the DISSENT pistol line, now featuring a buffer-less action with folding stock capabilities.


At the core of every DISSENT pistol is CMMG’s new patented Compact Action. Rather than using a buffer tube to contain the recoil spring, the Compact Action uses internal dual guide rods and springs to cycle. The upper can be mated to any standard AR lower, and the Compact Action functions with both standard AR gas systems (as with the 5.56 and .300 BLK DISSENTs) as well as CMMG’s proprietary Radial Delayed Blowback system (as with the 5.7 DISSENT). The charging handle is non-reciprocating and located on the left side of the weapon as standard, but a configuration for left-handers will be available separately as well.


The DISSENT pistol will initially be available in 5.56x45mm, .300 BLK and 5.7x28mm, with all models sporting a 6.5-inch free-floated barrel. The barrels are also threaded 1/2×28 and ship with a CMMG ZEROED Linear Compensator installed. The guns are compatible with standard AR handguards and grips and each pistol will ship with a 5.5-inch M-LOK rail. As for mounting a brace or a stock, every DISSENT receiver will feature a segment of 1913 Picatinny rail on the rear, ready to accept most popular models on the market. Without a stock or a brace installed, each DISSENT has an overall length of 14.7-inches and a weight of 4.6-pounds, making these some very handy little firearms.


Regardless of the caliber chosen, all DISSENT pistols have an MSRP of $1,999.95 and will be available in one of six Cerakote colors. They will all also each include two magazines and a TriggerTech AR-D 2-Stage Trigger. They are available for preorder now.

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