Campus Gun Ban at Colorado University Boulder Ignores Reality


Colorado Gun Ban Policy Doesn't Make SenseA recent motion from the Boulder Faculty Assembly (BFA) supports a campus gun ban — as if someone intent on killing would comply with a campus gun ban, let alone regret breaking one.

CU has banned people from carrying guns on campus since 1970. In April, a Colorado Court of Appeals ruling found that the ban violated the state's 2003 Concealed Carry Act. Hence, CU must allow those with concealed-carry permits to be armed on campus. Last month the CU Board of Regents voted to appeal the ruling the Colorado Supreme Court. This followed a motion in April by the BFA to maintain a “weapon-free campus.”

A “weapon-free” campus invites rapists and murderers to prey on defenseless victims. The “presence of firearms on the campuses is bound to increase the risk that they might be used,” claims the BFA. Of course — but a gun ban ensures that only violent criminals have guns, and that their law-abiding victims cannot use them in self-defense.

Campus gun bans did not stop mass murders at schools such as Columbine, Northern Illinois University and Virginia Tech. Violent criminals — and especially school shooters — seek unarmed victims, as David Kopel documents in his Connecticut Law Review article, “Pretend ‘Gun-free' School Zones: A Deadly Legal Fiction.” Read more


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