Boy Defends Mom With BB Gun


A story that should streak across the internet but for one key fact – it involved the defensive use of a gun, in this case a BB gun – is the kind of stuff that legends are made from, and so are little heroes.

Published reports say a man identified as 45-year-old Paul F. Newman “came home drunk” to the house where he was renting a room. The 46-year-old mother was in her own room when the enraged suspect reportedly kicked in her door and began choking her.

Enter the woman’s 10-year-old son. He first yelled at Newman. That didn’t work, so he reportedly picked up a wooden board and whacked the drunken man with that. The Bellingham Herald reported that Newman ran outside, apparently believing he was chasing the youngster.

Proof positive that 10-year-olds are smarter than boozers of any age. The kid instead went one notch higher on the force continuum and grabbed his pump-action BB rifle. The mother, meanwhile, locked the door, but Newman tried crawling inside through an open window, the newspaper said. When the mom tried to shut that, Newman grabbed her arm and held on tight.

When the boy appeared with his BB rifle, Newman allegedly threatened to kill him. The youngster wasn’t having any of it and he fired, perhaps as many as four times, and shot Newman in the face. Read more

Source: Seattle Gun Rights Examiner


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