From One Snubbie Fan to Another

The Snubnose Files
The Snubnose Files

I've always been a big fan of short-barreled revolvers. In fact, I think the original S&W M36 Chief's Special is one of the greatest guns ever designed. (I  once owned a S&W Highway Patrolman .357 N-frame that someone had given the “Fitz Special” treatment, with cutaway triggerguard, shortened barrel, rounded grip frame and custom grips. It was every bit  as cool as it sounds, and I  was the only kid on the block who had one. Ditto my old “Fitzed” Colt Army Special snubbie in .41 Long Colt. Now that was a carry gun, although you didn't just run down to the WalMart to buy ammo for it.)

How nice it was, then, to bumble across a website devoted entirely to the snubbie! It's  called The Snubnose Files, and you can check it out here. Gun Digest Books also puts out a super-informative guide to pocket handguns — not just revolvers but snubbies, too — titled “Gun Digest Buyer's Guide to Concealed Carry Handguns.” Written by Jerry Ahern and priced at less than $17, it's a bargain. See it here.

Don't say I never gave you anything.


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