Armed Shop Manager, Daughter Foil Alleged Burglary


Buying furniture from Smart Buy Home Furnishings may be a smart move, but trying to rip off the store is not, two men found out over the weekend.

Just after noon on Saturday, Springfield police arrived at the store at 2845 W. Chestnut to find one store manager, a 45-year-old disabled woman, holding the would-be burglars at gunpoint.Marlene Woodman, 65, manages the store with her daughter Angela Mallard, 45.

Woodman credits Mallard with protecting her. Mallard said she stands just under 5 feet 2 inches and weighs 127 pounds.”

Angie is my hero,” said Woodman, who has heart problems. “She was afraid of what they would do to me. They thought I was by myself.” Read more


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