1121XR: The Rifle Designed Around Its Trigger


Boasting the high-performance RA-535 trigger, the new 1121XR is born to own the bullseye.

Dollar to donuts, if you have a whiz-bang shooter of an AR, you’ve decked that baby out with a best-of-the-best trigger. No single facet, no single upgrade does more to ensure a rifle cracks bullseye round after round than a top-shelf bang switch.

It’s the sad truth that most tactical rifles available today (and yesterday for that matter) don’t come outfitted with what you need to stay on target. At best Mil-Spec triggers are gritty at worst they’re like squeezing a rotten banana. And slow shot-to-shot — third-class mail could deliver a follow-up faster in some cases. But RISE Armament is out to change the way shooters buy an off-the-shelf AR.

Its 1121XR Precision Rifle has all the accouterments to make it a world-class shooter, but chief among them is its trigger. RISE literally built the rifle around its top-end RA-535 Advance-Performance Trigger, giving this vital aspect all the support it needs to drop each shot where it needs to be.

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With a 3.5-pound pull, the single-stage unit has short pull and an incredibly crisp release with virtually no overtravel it as an absolute gem. And as RISE Armament’s Camille Torres points out in the above video, it has among the fastest reset available on the market today. The 1121XR isn’t just accurate, it’s bottled lightning to boot.

Luke Hartle some intimate range time with a 6.5 Creedmoor 1121XR (it also available in .308 Win.) at the 2018 SHOT Show and came back raving over the rifle’s potential. But more than any other aspect of the overachieving rifle, the 1121XR is what left him near speechless. Which for a talker like Luke, speaks volumes to what RISE Armament had brought to the table with the 1121XR.

For more information on the 1121XR please check out: www.risearmament.com


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