Why are Zombie Guns So Popular?

Why are Zombie Guns So Popular?
The Zombie Annihilator from Yankee Hill attaches to the end of the muzzle of a "zombie gun."
Zombie gun with Zombie Annihilator
The Zombie Annihilator from Yankee Hill attaches to the end of the muzzle of a "zombie gun."


I have a simple explanation as to why I approve whole-heartedly of the zombie gun phenomena sweeping the industry. Are you ready for it? Here it comes: Zombies are fun. Fun gets and keeps people interested. Fun sells guns.

Proveil’s© Reaper-Z hydrographic finish
A close-up of Proveil’s© Reaper-Z hydrographic finish.

Anyone that is really, and I mean seriously, worried about a zombie apocalypse should seek professional help. There are plenty of other real threats out there to fear. But the whole zombie thing, from shooting matches that feature zombie themes, to zombie ammo and accessories, to flashy zombie guns are all just plain fun.

And if it gets people shooting and keeps them shooting I’m all for it.

So, what got me going on this today and not last month when MTM came out with the zombie box or a couple months before when Hornaday came out with zombie ammo or even a couple years ago with the zombie shoots up in St. Cloud, MN?

I don’t know. I saw the new Zombie Annihilator from Yankee Hill and the promise that it will, “…make the undead roll over in their graves… for the last time.”

I love Yankee Hill stuff and it created a top-notch zombie-killing machine.

Yankee Hill limited-edition bio-hazard engraved QDS sights
Zombie guns often come with customized sights, like these limited-edition bio-hazard engraved QDS models.

Features include their own upper and lower receivers, mid-length Todd Jarett Competition Series handguard, an adjustable carbine buttstock and a 30-round magazine all coated with Proveil’s© Reaper-Z hydrographic finish.

The rifle is topped with limited-edition bio-hazard engraved QDS sights. The muzzle is finished with the new Annihilator Flash Hider that eliminates over 99 percent of muzzle flash and adds a new dimension of cool to the end of any firearm because if you look closely at this monster, you will agree you don’t want the business end of that stuck in your forehead.

All these extra features would normally make for a very expensive custom rifle, but suggested retail price of the Zombie Annihilator is $1,550.

So yes, I like the zombie craze. Keep it going. Tell us here at Gun Digest what you like best of all the zombie stuff out there. Have some fun with it. Remember, a lot of what we do is “recreational” shooting.

If you need more information on the Zombie Annihilator, please visit www.YHM.net.

Use Your Zombie Guns in Competitions

3-gun shooting competition book
Put your zombie gun to use in a 3-gun competition.

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  1. I didn’t know what the h_ll they were talking about when I first heard the zombie nonsense. I think it is just that, nonsense.

  2. Cool looking AR. Zombie stuff is fun but you have to moderate it a bit with some serious gun stuff or people will begin to think we are too immature. Namely, the other people who vote in elections.

  3. I agree totally larrymac1. I believe “zombie” is a euphemism for the goons working for the powers-that-be who will one day be kicking down doors of private citizens to confiscate whatever the powers-that-be decide they need and want. The so-called “zombies” will be a squad of uniformed, kevlar-vested, helmeted, and riot-geared – and probably should be better referred to as “goons.”

  4. Your right it is fun, but I think it is a little more than that. I think everyone fears some kind of takeover and we all have in our minds what that will be. But we think it best left unspoken and use Zombies for a reason to be prepared for other appacalyptic trials. Just my thoughts.

    • You could very well be right. For some people, this may be a way of facing and preparing for our current political situation without having to consciously consider it (some paintballers seem to fit the mold as well). I wonder if a flash suppressor like that one is available for the Mini-14?


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