Rough Men… stand between the innocent and the harmful


“We sleep peaceably in our beds
because rough men stand ready in the night
to visit violence on those who would do us harm.”

This is a great quote from George Orwell and reminds me that I don't want a “kinder, gentler military.”

In any situation, your enemy should know that violent action will come at great cost. I am proud that our nation lends a hand to those in need and proud to have been a part of that. But these days it seems those who would do us harm have no fear of our retaliation. They should.

What do you think?


  1. Kevin, I do agree; as long as it is not an open ended military action with no goals or end in sight. When fighting it should be to win as military action, it shouldn’t be done with reporters looking over a soldier’s shoulder, and it should only be as long as it takes for the people in that county to have a stable government and vote their own leaders into office (After leaving, US military should only keep other country’s from interfering with new government and providing medical and military equipment on as need basis). Playing police officer in another country, year after year, with no end in sight in a country that hate’s us is wrong. (Media doesn’t show the common people there reacting to help from US soldiers because of leftist politics in our government and our leaders)nnWar is ugly and should be avoided if possible; and war when started should be fought to win. US soldiers standing around in positions as stationary target to be blown up is wrong; people living in those towns know who is doing bombs and working for BG’s (same as Vietnam).. when US soldier’s are blown up.. After such a bomb incident, giving warning up front that this is punishment, give the town 48 hours for everyone to leave the town, getting all non-combatants out, then US should bomb the town into rubble, leveling the town to the ground. Harsh, but only a few towns would end in ruins before people there started turning on those BG’s. Folks in another country where our military is fighting on their behalf, should know we are only staying until they are stable and control their own government. Dates should be set when we will pull out and then it should be followed, barring circumstances changing. Look at number of deaths in beginning when war is fought, compared to deaths afterward when bad politics is controlling military. Personally since Iraq is oil rich, a percentage of oil production should go to US for next twenty years until monetary cost of war by US is paid for. Great to give aid when you have extra; not when so many in this country are in great need.nnI talked personally with Stormin Normin for some hours (he is a sporting clays shooter) after the first war in Iraq, and he quit when politicians wouldn’t let him finish his job, having told them the US would have to be back if we didn’t finish it, Ironic President’s son was in office years later when we went back. Now look at what we’ve got. Going off track.. VOTE or military in other countries will be the least of our problems. davzway


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