New Product: Colt Combat Unit Carbine

New Product: Colt Combat Unit Carbine

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The new Colt Combat Unit carbine features the manufacturer's first production mid-length gas system and comes with a host of great features for shooters.

In addition to producing a host of different 1911s, Colt has always been a major producer of AR-style rifles. This year the company introduced its brand new Expanse M4, an entry-level AR perfect for shooters new to the AR platform.

Now the American manufacturer has introduced another option for shooters looking for a new AR. Designated the Colt Combat Unit carbine, this new rifle features Colt's first production mid-length gas system.

“Producing a mid-length gas system was the logical next-step for us, and it's long overdue,” said Justin Baldini, Director of Product Marketing for Colt. “Shooters will find that by moving the gas block closer to the muzzle as this mid-length gas system does, the felt recoil is more constant with what is fielded by our troops carrying a 14.5-inch barrel M4.”

colt-combat-unit-carbine-specsThe new Colt Combat Unit carbine was developed with input from legendary firearms trainers Mike Pannone, Ken Hackathorn and Daryl Holland, which together comprise the Colt Combat Unit. The Colt Combat Unit is a team of Sponsored Shooters and Product Advisors that Colt works closely with to develop firearms tailored to meet the unique demands of today's operators, law enforcement and civilian shooters.

“When we decided to put together the Colt Combat Unit team, we sought out the upper echelon of the world of elite operator training. These are all former Special Forces trainers who are helping us understand what the folks in the field want from their firearms, which has been proven with the success of the Colt Combat Unit Rail Gun.”

This new Colt Combat Unit carbine utilizes Magpul furniture – a Magpul SL buttstock, a Magpul SL pistol grip, and a Magpul MOE trigger guard – and features a flat-top picatinny rail upper receiver. The gun also incorporates a low-profile gas block, which permits the use of Centurion Arms' CMR free-floated M-LOK handguard, which has attachment points at the 3, 6 and 9 o'clock positions.

The Colt Combat Unit carbine has an MSRP currently listed at $1,299. It is available exclusively from TALO Distributors.



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