Can you step it up?


I read a lot about mindset and what it takes to be a (insert your favorite here cop, operator, warrior, etc.). Then I take a look at the people who are saying this stuff and I wonder: If you have the warrior mentality, why not use that to push yourself away from the dessert tray? You might think you can “Keep going and continue the fight no matter what” but if you can't even make time for 30-minutes of exercise three times a week… don't tell me how you are going to drive on when the going gets tough. There is not reason at all you can't get up out of bed each morning and do 30 push-ups. Unless you can't do 30 push-ups. And if you won't even try… well then, I'm not too worried about your gun or your knife or you mall ninja cred. If you don't take the smallest step to get yourself in shape, my guess is you don't really tie up a lot of time training you other skills.

Nike says, Just Do It. So? What's stopping you? Get out and do something… Walk for 30 minutes today… then alternate walking and running for 30 minutes tomorrow… pretty soon, you will be running for the entire 30 minutes. Now you have some goals. How about this? Max effort push-ups for two minutes. How many can you crank out … do it every other day for six weeks and watch the number grow.

I am no marathon runner and I don't have the arms and the abs of an Olympic gymnast, but I swim, run and lift at least three times a week.

What do you do?



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