Gun Digest Annual TOC: 2008


The Gun Digest – 2008

Table of Contents
John T. Amber Literary Award3
Fifty Years In Boy Scout Shooting by John Malloy8
22 Dreamin': Kids, Rimfire Rifles, & The Wild West by Jesse L. Wolf Hardin22
Rimfires From CZ USA Performance, Looks and Value by James & Kathleen House26
Seventy Years of the Model 70 by Wayne Van Zwoll31
Robert L. Hillberg: Profile of a Firearms Designer by Don Findley42
Walter Hudson – Krag Specialist by Jim Foral48
Fill Your Hand! . . . The Best of the Biggest Revolvers by Wayne Van Zwoll58
A Veteran's Story by the Veteran, with George Creed66
The Art of Engraved & Custom Guns by Tom Turpin70
Restored to Life by Terry Wieland78
You, Me and the CMP by Charles W. Karwan87
The Remington Model 700 Limited Edition Classic, Production History & Cartridge Chronology by Steve Gash97
Are Your Guns Insured? By Larry Sterett112
Winchester 22 Caliber: Rifles Post World War I to 1963 Period by Hollis M. Flint114
Charter Arms “Undercoverette” in 32 H&R Magnum by Dave Workman125
Switzerland's Impressive Karabiner 31 by Holt Bodinson129
Czechoslovakia's Revolutionary Roller-Locker by Holt Bodinson133
Olympic Arms' Journeyman by Dave Workman136
One Good Gun
Ol' No. 7 by Steve Gash141
“Pa Was A Pump Gun Man” by Gerald Peterson143
Reports From The Field:
Autoloaders: Handguns Today by John Malloy145
Six-guns & Others: Handguns Today by John Taffin159
Rifles Today: Rifle Review by Layne Simpson172
Rifles Today: Single-Shot Rifle Review by John Campbell181
Rifles Today: Shotgun Review by John Haviland190
Today's Muzzleloading: Blackpowder Review by Doc Carlson196
The Optics Field in 2007 by Wayne Van Zwoll202
Handloading Update by Larry Sterett216
The Guns of Europe: One Century of the 25 ACP by Raymond Caranta224
Amunition, Ballistics & Components by Holt Bodinson230
Ammunition, Ballistic Charts & Prices Centerfire Rifle, Centerfire Handgun, Rimfire & Shotshell237
Catalog of Arms and Accessories
Autoloaders, Service & Sport259
Double Action Revolvers, Service & Sport289
Single Action Revolvers297
Centerfire Rifles
Lever & Slide319
Bolt Action325
Single Shot346
Drillings, Combination Guns, Double Rifles358
Rimfire Rifles
Lever & Slide-Action364
Bolt Actions & Single Shot366
Competition Rifles
Centerfire & Rimfire373
Slide & Lever Actions390
Bolt Actions & Single Shot415
Military & Police419
Pistols: Single Shot, Flint & Percussion421
Muskets & Rifles426
Long Guns440
Metallic Cartridge Presses444
Shotshell Reloading Presses450
Scopes / Hunting, Target & Varmint453
Laser Sights466
Scope Rings & Bases468
Metallic Sights472
Spotting Scopes480
Chokes & Brakes482
Website Directory483
Periodical Publications490
Arms Library492
Arms Associations526
Directory of the Arms Trade
Table of Contents529
Product & Service Directory530
Manufacturer's Directory546

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