Hidden War Author John Nores’ Interview On Joe Rogan Experience

Hidden War Author John Nores’ Interview On Joe Rogan Experience

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Hidden War author, John Nores, recounts California’s backwoods drug war on the Joe Rogan Experience.

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America’s mean streets and gritty border towns aren’t the only settings for the country’s drug war. It also has a more pastoral backdrop. Little known to most, the shadows of California’s redwoods and the state’s rugged mountains are theaters for the protracted battle. A skirmish that not only puts lives in peril, but some of the country’s most beloved and pristine wildernesses.

John Nores brings this little known, yet riveting front into focus in his memoir, Hidden War, published by Caribou Media (Gun Digest’s parent company). The 256-page book, not only details the rise of foreign drug cartels in the California backwoods, but the near special-ops tactics the former game warden employed to put them in check. From firefights to precision helicopter extractions to booby traps, Nores’ tale seems torn from the pages of a Tom Clancy novel, not a Fish and Wildlife officer’s resume. And you can hear about it firsthand.

Watch John Nores Interview With Joe Rogan

John Nores' Aug. 26 interview on the highly popular podcast The Joe Rogan Experience recounts some of his most harrowing experiences on the job. In addition to detailing the tactics he developed to take down the highly armed cartels, he also delves into the horrendous environmental damage they wreak upon the countryside, and how the state’s and nation’s legalization push has done little to impact these violent factions. Be sure to tune in this enlightening and entertaining look at Nores’ little-known, yet thrilling war in the woods.

You can catch the interview of John Nores, author of Hidden War, on the Joe Rogan Experience at: joerogan.com or the show’s YouTube channel: PowerfulJRE. You can find a copy of John Nores’ book, Hidden War, at the best price and free U.S. shipping at GunDigestStore.com.

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