Zastava Now Importing M07-AS Bolt Action Rifles

Zastava Now Importing M07-AS Bolt Action Rifles

A first for the U.S., Zastava USA has begun importing the M07-AS bolt action precision rifle.

Adopted for use by the Serbian Army in 2007 and remaining in service ever since, the Zastava M07 is a precision bolt action rifle based on the Mauser M98 action. Now, for the first time ever, the rifle will be available on the U.S. commercial market. Freshly announced by Zastava USA, the M07-AS is now being imported and will be seen on store shelves soon.

M07-AS main

Chambered for .308 Winchester, the Zastava M07-AS was built for precision and has features that help bolster both its mechanical and practical accuracies. It has a cold-forged, chrome-vanadium steel heavy profile barrel that’s 26-inches-long, and the muzzle is threaded for mounting suppressors or other devices. The optics rail is machined into the receiver and Zastava claims the M07-AS has an effective range of 1,000 meters.

M07 feature

The rifle’s trigger is finely adjustable and can be set to the user’s preferred weight. For better ergonomics, the fixed polymer stock is also adjustable for height and length of pull. The safety on the M07-AS also has three positions, with safe and fire acting as expected but the third “secure” position there to provide extra safety during unloading. This position allows the action to be opened and the chamber to be accessed without letting the trigger be pulled.

An interesting side note, the M07-AS rifle’s pistol grip looks to be the same style as a rubber Yugo-pattern Tokarev grip that’s been available for some time. Not sold through any official Zastava outlets, most assumed that these grips were made by a third party, but their inclusion on the M07-AS suggests otherwise. While these grips act as ergonomic upgrades on Tokarev pistols, users will have to determine if they’re a good fit for the M07-AS rifle.

M07 package

Each M07-AS purchase will include two five-round magazines, a sling and cleaning kit. The official MSRP is yet to be announced but some online retailers have the rifle listed for $3,139.90 at full price.

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