Hi-Point Announces Model 995 30 Super Carry Carbine

Hi-Point Announces Model 995 30 Super Carry Carbine

Hi-Point has just announced a new variant of its Model 995 carbine chambered for 30 Super Carry.

In 2022, Federal Ammunition announced 30 Super Carry, also known as 30 SC. In a nutshell, the new cartridge was designed to offer similar ballistics to 9mm but in an overall smaller package, therefore allowing for larger magazine capacities in compact, concealed carry handguns. Despite this design goal, Hi-Point Firearms has just announced the Model 995 30 Super Carry carbine, the first commercially available rifle to be chambered for the cartridge.

The new Hi-Point Model 995 30 Super Carry.

Besides the new chambering, the Model 995 30 SC is identical to existing models in other calibers. It features a 16.5-inch barrel with a 1/2×28 threaded muzzle, an adjustable rear sight and a manual safety. It also has a skeletonized polymer stock as well as Picatinny rail on top of the receiver and beneath its handguard for attaching accessories. The 30 SC Model 995’s magazines are also like those of existing models given that they share a capacity of 10 rounds.

This image is of a 9mm Hi-Point Model 995, but the 30 Super Carry variant is virtually identical.

Since one of the cartridge’s biggest selling points is its potential to increase capacity, it’s somewhat surprising that Hi-Point opted to retain the same size magazine for the new 30 SC model. However, this choice likely has to do with the fact that all Hi-Point firearms are designed to accept single-stack magazines, so increasing the capacity for the 30 SC model would require a redesign of not only the magazine but of the carbine itself. Instead of focusing on capacity, Hi-Point is instead highlighting the benefits of sharing a common ammunition type between one’s rifle and handgun. If you’re a dedicated 30 SC user and are looking for a rifle to match your pistol, the Model 995 30 Super Carry is currently your only option.

The Model 995 30 Super Carry is not yet available, but Hi-Point will be displaying it at the 2023 NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN. MSRP for the carbine will be $359.

For more information, please visit hi-pointfirearms.com.

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  1. Who needs 30 super. I have a box. I’m old and almost blind. I’ll send it to you . I don’t have a gun that will shoot it. Trade for 20 rounds of 9 mm or 40 cal.


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