First Look: HOWA Hera H7 Rifles

First Look: HOWA Hera H7 Rifles

Howa recently announced the Hera H7 series, bolt-action rifles featuring influence from both hunting and precision guns and available in two calibers.

The Japanese rifle manufacturer Howa has recently announced the Hera H7 bolt-action rifle series. The guns draw inspiration from both modern hunting rifles as well as tactical precision rifles, resulting in an interesting mix of features. What’s more, when selecting a Hera H7 model, one has a choice between two chambering options, three barrel profiles and three chassis colors.


The first choice to make when considering a Hera H7 is the caliber, as they are available in both .308 Winchester and 6.5 Creedmoor. Next is the barrel, which will either be 22 inches for the standard profile or 24 inches for heavy steel or carbon fiber profiles. Finally, depending on your aesthetic preferences, the stock portion of the Hera H7 chassis can be ordered in either black, tan or OD green. Regardless of the model selected, all come with a 5-round AICS-style magazine and a threaded barrel.


Speaking of the new chassis, Howa describes it as “a modern and easy-to-use stock system for the Howa (short action) system.” While the forend is made out of aluminum, the rest is made of fiberglass-reinforced polymer. It features an aluminum V-block as well and comes with two stock spacers and a polymer cheek rest. The chassis also has M-LOK mounting points throughout for accessories.


All Howa Hera H7 rifles are advertised as being capable of sub-MOA accuracy and come with a lifetime warranty. The MSRP for the standard barrel version is $839, MSRP for the heavy steel barrel model is $899 and MSRP is $1,299 for the carbon fiber barrel variant.

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