First Look: Howa TSP X Chassis Rifle

First Look: Howa TSP X Chassis Rifle

Howa TSP X 1

Figure long-range accuracy is monetarily out of reach? Then you need to take a gander at the affordable precision available in the Howa TSP X Chassis Rifle.

  • Mates Howa’s barreled action to Southern Cross’ TSP X chassis.
  • Heavy target barrel offers greater heat dispersion and superior barrel harmonics.
  • Rigid aluminum frame eliminates flex for repeatable and accurate results.
  • Crisp two-stage trigger enhances systems accuracy potential.

By now, anyone with an inkling for affordable long-range accuracy has heard about Howa. Perhaps one of the best values in precision firearms today, the Japanese manufacturer has a catalog brimming with rifles capable of connecting at a country mile. At the same tick, their chassis offerings are among the most economical on the market. No surprises, this has made the brand wildly popular.

Recently Howa’s line-up has expanded, but not with a new gem to roll exclusively off its own assembly line. While the TSPX Chassis Rifle series boast Howa’s barreled actions, the rest of the rifle was designed, built and tested in Australia. Downunder might have some of the most draconian gun laws on the books, but its shooting community still thrives and is particularly keen on precision bolt-action rifles. It shows with the TSP X Chassis line.

At the heart of the build is a Southern Cross Small Arms (SCSA) TSP X Chassis. The lightweight rig is gaining popularity stateside through several parts retailers, and provides an excellent base for the rifle system. A lightweight—around 4 pounds—general-purpose chassis, the TSP X has it where it counts—rigidity. This is thanks to modular systems all-aluminum construction from fore-end to buttstock, eliminating much of the flex common to wood and plastic stocks. Plus, it has several accuracy-enhancing features, including a folding stock, M-Lok slots at 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock, ambidextrous magazine release and four QD sling cup positions. Additionally, the stock is completely adjustable for length of pull and comb rise. Now, these are adjustable by plain old screws and spacers, so you can’t dial it in on the go. Nevertheless, you can dial it in.

Howa TSP X 2

To this is mated Howa’s 1500 barreled action with a #6 contour heavy target barrel. The 24-inch firetube adds to the overall rigidity of the system, while offering superior heat dispersion and barrel harmonics. Initially, Howa is offering four calibers: .308 Win., 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC and 300 PRC—all favorites of long-range shooters. Helping the TSP X Chassis Rifle live up to its potential, Howa has included its two-stage match trigger, a respectable unit with a consistent and crisp break.

The Howa TSP X Chassis Rifle is ACIS magazine compatible, meaning aftermarket options abound and the gunmaker also offers it in a package with a Nikko Stirling Diamond LR 4-16×44 30mm scope. At its base price, the rifle has a $1,189 MSRP through Howa’s importer, Legacy Sports International.

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