Savage Rimfire Rifles: A Tool For Any Task

Savage Rimfire Rifles: A Tool For Any Task
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If you are in the market for a rimfire rifle of any kind, Savage likely has you covered. Offered in a wide variety of calibers, configurations, materials, and even colors, Savage’s expansive line of rimfire rifles is sure to have something that will catch your eye.

How Many Different Rimfire Rifle Models Does Savage Offer?

  • A17—9 Variants
  • A22—11 Variants
  • B. Mag—6 Variants
  • B17—10 Variants
  • B22—19 Variants
  • Mark I—4 Variants
  • Mark II—23 Variants
  • 64—12 Variants
  • 93—38 Variants
  • 42—2 Variants
  • Rascal—25 Variants
Savage B17 G
Savage B17 G

Founded in 1894 by Arthur William Savage, Savage Arms is one of America’s oldest lasting firearms manufacturers. They have designed and produced guns for both the civilian and commercial markets as well as military contracts during their time, having provided weapons for the Allies in both world wars. While they no longer offer Lewis guns or Thompsons for sale, Savage Arms is still a prominent and reputable manufacturer of hunting and sporting arms.

Which Savage Model Is Best For You?

Savage’s catalog of rimfire rifles includes 11 basic model distinctions and enough variants of each one to total 159 unique different rifles to choose from. With such minute variations between models such as barrel length, barrel profile, left or right-hand setup, metal finish, stock color, and rail options, there is not enough room to detail each small difference in this article. Outlined below are the general models of the rimfire rifles Savage has to offer. Whether you are interested in precision rifle competitions or plinking soda cans, hunting rabbits or teaching your children the fundamentals of firearms, Savage makes a rifle that will be perfect for the job.

The A Series

Savage A22 Pro Varmint
Savage A22 Pro Varmint

Like many of their rimfire rifles, Savage’s A Series is offered in several chamberings. These include .22 LR, .22 WMR, .17 HMR, and .17 HM2. The A Series are all semi-automatic rifles utilizing a blowback style action, delayed blowback for the magnum cartridge variants and direct blowback for the rest. The stock is available in several colors and camo patterns on either a synthetic or wooden stock. The wood models are made in both traditional profile and thumbhole style stocks. Some variants have segments of picatinny rail for mounting optics, and all include Savage’s adjustable AccuTrigger. The MSRP ranges from $299 to $709.

The B Series

Savage B22 Precision
Savage B22 Precision

Unlike the A Series, Savage’s B Series rifles are all bolt action designs. The A and B Series guns both feed from 10-round rotary magazines except for the Precision variants which instead use 10-round detachable box magazines. The B series can be broken up into three main categories, the B. Mag, the B17, and the B22. Magnum caliber rifles in the B Series include the B. Mag variants chambered in .17 WSM and the B22 Magnum variants which are in .22 WMR. The rest of the B17s and B22s that comprise the B Series are chambered in .17 HMR and .22 LR. Like the A Series guns, the stocks can be made of either polymer or wood. The polymer models are either black, grey, or camo painted, while the wooden stocks can be either laminate or hardwood. All B Series rimfires come with an AccuTrigger as well. The MSRP for the B Series starts at $309 and goes up to $639.

Mark I And Mark II Series.

Savage Mark II BSEV
Savage Mark II BSEV

All Mark I and II guns are bolt action and chambered for the ubiquitous .22 LR cartridge, the only major difference between the I and II is that the Mark I guns are single shots and the Mark IIs accept detachable magazines. With 27 variants all chambered in the same caliber and with the same action, the Mark Series of rifles mostly differentiate from one another in the form of barrel, stock, and sight configurations. Some notable models of Mark Series guns are the Mark II FVX and FVXP that come with a Bushnell 3-9x40mm scope, and the Mark II FVT which has target-style peep sights. MSRP starts at $299 for a basic single-shot Mark I model and goes all the way up to $679 for the Mark II BSEV which features a heavy-profile, fluted stainless steel barrel. The MSRP of a basic Mark I is $269 and the fanciest Mark II goes for $679.

The 64 Series

Savage 64 FXP
Savage 64 FXP

The 64 family of guns are Savage’s .22 LR semi-automatic line. Utilizing a direct-blowback action and 10-round detachable box magazines, these little plinkers are fast and handy. With three scoped options and two takedown models available, the 64 you choose can be tailored towards either accuracy or compactness depending on your needs. Other variants include barebones models as well as optics-ready models with picatinny rail or drilled and tapped receivers. All the 64 stocks are more traditional in profile compared to some other Savage rimfires but are still available in either polymer or wood versions with one camouflage variant. MSRP is from $159 to $389 depending on options.

The 93 Series


The 93 series is the most expansive and varied family of rimfires from Savage, all 38 variants are bolt action, magazine-fed, and chambered in either .22 WMR or .17 HMR, making this the magnum line of rifles. If you are in the market for a rimfire rifle with punch as well as accuracy, this is the line to look at. There are scoped and camo models for hunters, models with fluted barrels and thumbhole stocks for competitors, and more basic models as well. The gator camouflage variant is quite slick looking in my opinion, but I have to say, if the environment you are trying to blend into is comprised entirely of alligators- you have a problem. MSRP on the 93 family ranges from $289 to $699.

42 Takedowns

Savage 45 Takedown Compact
Savage 45 Takedown Compact

If you are into backpacking, camping, or prepping for the apocalypse, you know that takedown style guns offer unparalleled compactness and versatility when it comes to transporting and storing weapons with rifle-length barrels. The two models of 42 Takedowns from Savage are identical except for the length of pull, with the shorter one designated as the 42 Takedown Compact. These single-shot, break-action survival guns have two barrels, a .22 LR on top and one for .410 bore shotgun shells on the bottom. This is an ideal backpack gun and is capable of taking a wide variety of small game. The rear sight can be removed and replaced with a scope base if so desired, and the whole package comes in an included carrying case. MSRP is $549.


Savage Rascal Target XP
Savage Rascal Target XP

These single-shot .22 LRs are ideal for young shooters to train with, and that’s exactly what the Rascal was designed for. They are simple to operate and don’t have the risk of unintentional follow-up shots like magazine-fed guns do. They are available with iron sights, scope mounts, and even bipod mounts for the aspiring junior sniper. All Savage Rascals come with an adjustable AccuTrigger which not only provides a better pull but increases the firearm’s safety as well. There are left and right-handed models available in classic hardwood stocks or synthetic stocks in colors ranging from black to yellow to pink. The basic model’s MSRP is $199 and goes up to $439 for the Target XP.

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