Rimfire Rifles: The Economical Savage Minimalist Series


Minimalist 1

The Savage Minimalist Rimfire Rifle series aims to give shooters more bang for their buck.

How The Savage Minimalist Rimfires Delivers A Solid Deal:

  • Unique lightweight green and brown laminate stocks
  • Pre-installed Weaver-style mounts
  • Sporter-contour, button-rifled barrels
  • Available in .22 LR, .22 WMR and .17 HMR
  • An MSRP of $359

To tell the truth, it’s been quiet. Too quiet. Usually, this time of year is rife with sneak peeks and leaks of the upcoming year’s new guns. There’s been a smattering, but overall not like years past. Maybe the gun industry has run out of ideas? Eh, not quite.

There’s been some brainstorming over at Savage Arms, the Minimalist Rimfire Rifle Series is proof enough. A fairly wild departure from traditional bolt-action plinker design, as its name suggests it aims at minimal burden in the field with an overall light 5.68-pound package. If you haven’t figured out how Savage pulled it off, take a second and look at the picture again. Yes, that’s it … there’s a substantial proportion of the butt milled out of the laminate stock. Certainly unique looking, and perhaps practical outside weight savings. Though it doesn’t boast a true hook, there’re more than enough real estate to steady the rifle with the support hand in prone or off a bench.

Minimalist 3

There’s another minimal to the Minimalist—price. Savage offers the configuration in three models—.22 LR Mark II, .22 WMR 93 and .17 HMR 93R17—each with an MSRP of $359, so right around $300 when they reach your local gun store. Very affordable.

Despite the economical price, Savage didn’t skimp on the Minimalist Rimfire Rifle Series. In addition to the choice of brown or green laminate stocks, the rifles also feature pre-installed Weaver-style bases, matte-black sporter-contoured barrels, threaded muzzles and button rifling. Especially nice, they also feed off 10-round detachable box magazines and are outfitted with Savage’s user-adjustable AccuTrigger. That last feature is pretty nice and not exceedingly common on rimfires.

For more information on the Minimalist Rimfire Rifle Series, please visit www.savagearms.com.

Learn More About Savage Arms:

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