FN FAL feature

Fusil Automatique Leger: All About The FAL

We discuss the history of the famous FAL, also known as the Fusil Automatique Leger or Light Automatic Rifle.
Stag Pursuit Bolt Action on bench

Stag Pursuit Bolt Action Review: Hunting For The Next Level

Decked out with premium components, the Pursuit ups the game for hunting rifles.
Maximizing Rifle Accuracy feature level

A Tale Of Two Rifles: Maximizing Rifle Accuracy

We take a look at how to tweak your rifle to maximize its potential for accuracy.
Taylors Company TC73 feature

Taylor’s & Company Announces TC73 9mm Lever-Action Rifle

Want a lever-action rifle chambered for something a bit more modern? Here we take a peek at Taylor’s & Company’s TC73.
Winchester 1873 feature RIAC stuart

Winchester 1873: The Gun That Won The West 

We dive into the history of the iconic Winchester 1873 to understand the role this classic lever-action rifle played in winning the West.
Springfield Armory SA-16A2

First Look: Springfield Armory SA-16A2

Springfield Armory has just released the SA-16A2, a faithful yet enhanced clone of the iconic M16A2.
enfield jungle carbine feature

Collecting The Rare Enfield Jungle Carbine

There are many like it, but finding an original Enfield Jungle Carbine takes some investigative work.
IWI Carmel review feature

IWI Carmel Review: Sweet & Salty

The IWI Carmel is a non-AR rifle that’s worthy of careful consideration.
otis m4 sight adjustment tool feature

Hardware Talk: Otis M4 Sight Adjustment Tool

We take a quick look at the M4 Sight Adjustment Tool, or M4SAT, from Otis Technology.
Bravo Company lightweight AR feature

Building A Lightweight Lead-Slinger With Bravo Company

We put together a lightweight AR build that’s designed to be used hard with some help from Bravo Company USA.
best bolt carrier group feature

What Makes The Best Bolt Carrier Group (BCG)?

The bolt carrier group is the heart of any AR-style firearm, so here the author discusses how to find the best BCG for your needs.
aero precision solus review feature

Aero Precision Solus Hunter Review: The Hunting Rifle Perfected?

The Aero Precision Solus Hunter bolt-action rifle revels in precision for the field or range.
Bergara BMR at the range

Bergara BMR Review: .22LR Tested

I put the Bergara BMR Carbon to the test to see it cuts muster for entry-level competition rimfires.
drum magazine feature AK

Why Drum Magazines Couldn’t Keep The Beat

A look back at drum magazines, their pros and cons and why they’ve fallen out of favor for professional and military use.
big-bore ar-15 feature

Battle Of The Big-Bore AR-15s

When too much still isn’t enough, it may be time to consider a big-bore AR-15.