M07 feature

Zastava Now Importing M07-AS Bolt Action Rifles

A first for the U.S., Zastava USA has begun importing the M07-AS bolt action precision rifle.
110 PCS feature

Savage Announces 110 PCS Bolt Action Pistol

The Savage 110 PCS bolt action pistol has all the features of the Model 110 in a more compact package.
The Rival Arms R-22 chassis is the perfect capstone for your 10-22 build. (Photo by Yamil Sued)

AR-ing Your Ruger 10/22 With The Rival Arms R-22

Welcome to 21st-century plinking, thanks to the Rival Arms R-22 … and aluminum.
At just a hair over 27 inches, this complete 16-inch rifle chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor is a capable 1,000-yard accuracy machine that has some of the best parts available today, along with some of the most advanced carbon-fiber technology.

Racket Case Rocket: Building A Portable Precision Rifle

What's a portable precision rifle? How about something you can sling in a shoulder bag and reach out 1,000 yards and beyond.
New Ultra Light Arms also makes rimfire rifles that are just as light and just as accurate as the centerfires they produce.

New Ultra Light Arms: The Best Bolt-Action Hunter Ever Made?

New Ultra Light Arms redefines accuracy among ultra-lightweight rifles.
SAINT ATC feature

First Look: Springfield Armory SAINT Edge ATC Rifle

Springfield Armory’s latest rifle, the SAINT Edge ATC, is here to deliver maximum precision from the AR platform.
SCO15 upper feature

SilencerCo Announces SCO15 AR Upper Receiver

Following the earlier release of the SCO15 lower, one can now assemble complete SilencerCo AR-15 builds using the new SCO15 upper.

Enhanced Ruger Precision Rifle Makeover

A makeover for the made-over Enhanced Ruger Precision rifle.
30-06 Lead

Best .30-06 Rifle: Semi-Autos Options In The Classic (2022)

While gun stores aren't bristling with .30-06 rifles of the semi-auto variety, they can be found and are spectacular. Find out the top six!
Mark V Hunter

Weatherby’s Latest Bolt Action: The Mark V Hunter

New chambering options and a new stock on the Weatherby Mark V Hunter help to keep this already established bolt action line at the top of its class.
PSA Carcanos

Gun Deals: Black Friday And Cyber Monday (2021)

Find the top gun deals and gear sales for Black Friday and Cyber Monday all in on spot!
CZ 600 feature

First Look: CZ 600 Bolt Action Rifle Series

CZ has recently announced the new CZ 600 bolt action rifle series, the five new models will replace their now discontinued CZ 527 and 557 series.
Saltwater arms blackfin feature

Saltwater Arms AR Pistol Now Available

Designed specifically for use in harsh, maritime environments, Saltwater Arms has recently expanded its Blackfin line with the new Blackfin pistol.
Waypoint 4

Springfield Armory 2020 Waypoint Review

Springfield Armory is back in the bolt gun business with the 2020 Waypoint. It has the looks, but does the rifle perform?

.30-06 Ammo: Turn The Warhorse Into A Thoroughbred (2021)

Find out the .30-06 ammo that get the more than century old cartridge shooting with the best of them.
TAC3 feature

FN America Releases TAC3 AR-Style Rifles

Two new professional-grade AR-style rifles have just been released by FN America, the FN 15 TAC3 and TAC3 Duty, and they’re light, rugged and easily configurable.


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