Sig Sauer Launches MCX-SPEAR-LT Series

Sig Sauer has recently released the MCX-SPEAR-LT series, featuring eight models of rifle and pistol in three different calibers.
Ruger Precision Rifle chambered for 65 creedmoor feature

First Look: Custom Shop Ruger Precision Rifle In 6.5 Creedmoor

Ruger has just announced a new Custom Shop variant of the Ruger Precision Rifle chambered for 6.5 Creedmoor.
The Wilson Combat ARP Tactical Pistol may be the ideal truck gun for you, offering a variety of cartridge choices, short- and long-range capabilities, compact size and reliability.

8 Favorite Truck Gun Options For Protection On The Go (2022)

Whether a survival gun, something to control varmints or a self-defense option, the truck gun is a vital tool for those on the go.
Marlin 1895 Guide Gun feature

Ruger-Made Marlin 1895 Guide Gun Now Available

The Marlin 1895 Guide Gun lever-action rifle in .45-70 Gov’t is available once again, only now made by Ruger.
Franchi Momentum Elite feature

Gaining Impetus: Franchi Momentum Elite Review

A look at the enhanced Franchi Momentum Elite, proof that Franchi is playing the hunting rifle game for keeps.
Ruger SFAR Feature

First Look: Ruger Small-Frame Autoloading Rifle

Ruger has just launched the Small-Frame Autoloading Rifle or SFAR, a new line of .308/7.62 ARs with receivers the same size as standard 5.56 models.
LC Carbine 57 Feature

Ruger Releases LC Carbine In 5.7x28mm

Ruger has just expanded its 5.7x28mm firearm lineup with the addition of the Ruger LC Carbine.

First Look: Rock River Arms All-Terrain Hunter

Rock River Arms has just released the All-Terrain Hunter, a new AR-platform hunting rifle designed for the modern hunter.
Have a plan when you start buying parts; a simple rifle doesn’t mean less capable.

Best AR-15 Accessories And Upgrades (2022)

Dos and Don’ts when it comes to AR-15 accessories, upgrades and parts in general.
Cost Of Hunting Rifles Feature

The Cost Of Hunting Rifles

Are the most expensive hunting rifle models worth their price?

Best .50 Beowulf Uppers: A Buyer’s Guide

Want to build a .50 Beowulf AR or convert one you already own? You’ll need a .50 Beowulf upper for that, so here are some of the best on the market.

First Look: Anderson Manufacturing AM-15 Precision Series

Anderson Manufacturing has just announced the AM-15 Precision Series, featuring four new rifle models designed to provide precision at an affordable price.
SOLGW M4-76 feature

Give Me Liberty: SOLGW M4-76 Review

A look at the SOLGW M4-76 AR-15 and the company that makes it, Sons of Liberty Gun Works.

CZ 600 Lux Rifles Now Available

CZ-USA has just released the CZ 600 Lux, a new bolt-action rifle with a wooden stock available in four chamberings.

Best .22-250 Rifle Buyer’s Guide

From varminting to medium game hunting to benchrest shooting, a .22-250 rifle can serve you extremely well. Here are six top options to consider.

Best Sniper Rifle Options Available Today (2022)

Updated 8/02/2022 Looking for the best sniper rifle there is? Here are the ones you should be looking at. What are the best precison long-range rifles...


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