Hunting Rifles


4 Value-Priced Hunting Rifles

What does $450 get you in today’s world? A mighty fine hunting rifle, that's what.

How To Zero a Hunting Rifle

No matter how steady your hunting rifle, hitting at any range presumes a proper zero.

Market Trends: Bolt-Action Rifles Moved in Kentucky Hunting Season

Hunting season was good for one Kentucky retailer, who enjoyed steady sales of moderately priced rifles and the full spectrum of shotguns.

Market Trends: No Middle Ground for Hunting Rifles

Hunting rifles run the entire gambit of prices points, from dirt cheap to top dollar. And for one retailer in the heart of Colorado's big game country, those are exactly the prices that are in demand.

The Sporting AR: Ideal for Hunting?

Today’s battle-tested tactical rifle is more than ready for the woods.
Squirrel with Gun

It’s Time to Rethink Squirrel Hunting

Squirrels are the perfect survival food, and they taste better than you'd think. And best of all, chasing the little critters is a whole lot of fun. It's time to rethink squirrel hunting.

Why Is Feinstein Going After Squirrel Hunting Guns?

Assault weapons ban list includes some curious picks.
Classic Sporting/Hunting Rifles of Gun Digest

Hunting Rifles: New Book Celebrates Iconic Guns

From David Crockett with “Old Betsy” to the mountain men and their Hawkens to the buffalo hunters and their Sharps and Winchester ’73s – these are the hunting rifles that fire the imagination of both hunters and historians. Now, Gun Digest presents a unique compilation of articles celebrating these iconic guns, "Classic Sporting Rifles," written by a “who’s who” of gun writers from the twentieth century.
TC Pro Hunter Predator rifle

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 8

Thompson/Center's Pro Hunter Predator rifle gets a full camo treatment, perfect for staying concealed from the prying eyes of coyotes--and even better when matched with a camo scope from Nikon.
Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 6

Ranchers and others in need of a tool to control burgeoning coyote numbers will love this handy and accurate semi-auto rifle from Ruger, in today's Coyote Guns, Setup No. 6.

Coyote Hunting Guns, Setup No. 1

Baby it's cold outside, and that means it's time to hunt coyotes in all their furry, howling glory. Let's get January's Coyote Gun setups going with a neato-keeno AR-styled pick from DPMS.


The best hunting rifles to chase your chosen game – from bolt-action rifles, to slide action and semi-auto. Also peruse reviews of double guns and lever-action rifles. Find your next deer rifle, or check out the big bores for dangerous game. No matter where your next adventure leads, these hunting rifles deserve a serious look. Also see: Gun ReviewsHandgunsRiflesShotgunsMuzzleloadersAR-15sConcealed Carry

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