B&T USA To Release New SPR300 PRO Model

B&T USA To Release New SPR300 PRO Model

Already quiet, accurate and compact, the new SPR300 PRO model brings it to the next level.

Features Of The SPR300 PRO:

  • AR Magazine Compatible
  • AR Stock Compatible
  • Timney Match Trigger
  • M-LOK Accessory Rail
  • Cocked-Bolt Indicator

Earlier iterations of B&T’s SPR300 design have already made their rounds on the global firearms market and left many very impressed. Jon Scott, VP of Sales for B&T USA, claims that European police have used the SPR300 to great effect in urban environments where accuracy and discretion are vital. This integrally suppressed .300 AAC Blackout rifle has been described as being “Hollywood quiet”, producing a report comparable to that of an air rifle at less than 121 dB. When you consider the fact that the SPR300 can also be disassembled and stowed in its own briefcase-esque carrying case, it's hard to believe that it wasn’t designed with hitmen in mind.

If this rifle wasn’t cool enough already, B&T USA’s new PRO model brings some quality-of-life features that will make using the SPR300 even more enjoyable.


One of the smallest changes on the SPR300 is also likely to be one of the most appreciated, and that’s the ability to accept standard AR-pattern magazines. The original SPR300 used proprietary mags that were rare and could sell for over $100 each, so even the wealthiest among us should appreciate that the new PRO model uses the most common rifle magazine in America. The SPR300 PRO’s folding stock assembly is now compatible with most common AR stocks as well. The addition of M-LOK slots makes this one very customizable rifle.

BT SPR300 trigger

The original SPR300 was already plenty accurate for a bolt-action rifle, but the new PRO model is even more so. It’s been given a Timney single-stage Hunter Elite trigger which is adjustable from 1.5 to 4 pounds of pull. This should give experienced shooters the ability to reach even greater levels of precision out of their SPR300.

BT SPR300 feature

The new SPR300 PRO does not have an MSRP listed yet, but considering the first generation sold for over $5,000 each, one should anticipate something similar for the new model. Keep in mind that as an integrally suppressed firearm, ownership of the SPR300 PRO also requires filing NFA paperwork with the ATF as well as a $200 tax stamp.

For more information on B&T USA, please visit bt-arms.com.

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