New Rifle: Cobalt Kinetics’ Unique Twenty-Seven Series

New Rifle: Cobalt Kinetics’ Unique Twenty-Seven Series

The Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven Series brings traditional rifle ergonomics to the world of the AR-15.

How the Twenty-Seven Series marries the old and the new:

  • Cobalt Kinetics Twenty-Seven series ARs are configured to mimic traditional semi-autos and bolt-action ergonomics.
  • The design also makes them California compliant, skirting many of the strict California gun regulations.
  • There are four sub-models in the Twenty-Seven series: Sentry, Ranger, Hunter and Expert.
  • The available calibers, depending on model, are: 5.56 NATO, .223 Wylde, .224 Valkyrie and 6.5 Grendel.
  • Cobalt Kinetics looks to expand the Twenty-Seven concept to its larger-caliber XL line.

Perhaps more so than any other rifle system ever conceived, the AR-15 is eminently configurable. And therein lies the appeal: Searching for a fast-handling tactical carbine or a heavy-barreled long-range shooter? The king of black rifles has it covered on both counts and everywhere between. But, Cobalt Kinetics has done something drastic with the Twenty-Seven Series. 

Cobalt Kinetics 27 Sentry

That said, even for the protean design, Cobalt Kinetics’ new Twenty-Seven series rifles are a drastic departure from the norm. Drawing upon more traditional rifle designs, the semi-automatics shoulder and handle more like today’s bolt-action rifles, but they still cycle like an AR.

“We’ve been talking about this at Cobalt for a long time … to create a more traditional rifle that uses modern components to improve performance,” Vice President of Cobalt Kinetics Skylar Stewart said in a press release. “We have had a lot of requests for a semi-automatic rifle more suited for hunters and other sportsmen. I don’t like to compare it to other AR-15s. It does use many of the internal components of the AR-15, but we believe that it’s a step up from the old bolt-action rifle.”

Cobalt Kinetics 27 Ranger

The Twenty-Seven series may be a throwback with a modern twist, but perhaps, more importantly, it's something else — California Compliant (at least for the time being). And while the company insists the rifles aren’t purely tailored for less enlightened corners of the country, it’s willing to custom configure one to meet local laws. Regardless of locale and legislation, draconian or otherwise, the Utah gunmaker’s Twenty-Seven series puts some interesting twists on the AR.

The grip is angled to avoid the dread definition “pistol,” yet its geometry remains slim enough to allow a comfortable purchase. This feature also streamlines the overall design of the Twenty-Seven series rifles, making, in theory, a rifle easier to transport, given it fits in any normal sized case or scabbard. And Cobalt Kinetics lowered the trigger by .150 inches from the typical AR, giving shooters the ability to naturally position their finger.

Cobalt Kinetics 27 Hunter

Presently, Cobalt Kinetics offers four sub-models in the Twenty-Seven Series: Sentry, Ranger, Hunter and Expert. The Sentry and Ranger are offered in 5.56 NATO; the Hunter in .223 Wylde, .224 Valkyrie and 6.5 Grendel; and the Expert in .223 Wylde. Each sub-model is also available in entry-level and improved configurations, essentially the option for upgraded triggers, controls, bolt-carrier groups and other parts.

Cobalt Kinetics appears ambitious about the Twenty-Seven series potential and it might not be the last traditionally configured AR to roll out of its factory. The company plans to adapt the design to its larger-framed and caliber XL line, opening up the possibilities for medium and big game hunters.

Cobalt Kinetics 27 Expert

Presently, the price for the Twenty-Seven series ranges from $1,765 for the entry-level Sentry to $3,760 decked out Expert.

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