Brownells Releases BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kits

Brownells Releases BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kits

Brownells has just released the BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kit, providing builders with a more affordable path to an H&K 416 clone.  

The H&K 416 is one of the most legendary AR-15 derivatives in existence, with its famously reliable piston operating system resulting in its adoption by the U.S. Marine Corps and many other prestigious military organizations around the globe. Many Americans would like to own one, but unfortunately, genuine Heckler & Koch parts are incredibly rare and prohibitively expensive. Thankfully, a more affordable path to H&K 416 ownership has just been created by Brownells’ release of the BRN-4 Piston Upper Receiver Kit.


The kit is comprised of a mix of both factory-new Brownells BRN-4 parts and surplus German parts. Brownells managed to source a small supply of genuine H&K 416 stripped uppers and handguards some years ago, and they are now available in limited numbers through these kits. The uppers may show signs of use, and once the genuine German parts are gone, they will not be replaced. The other parts in the kit are from Brownells, including the barrels which are available in 10.4-, 14.5- and 16-inch lengths. The kits are compatible with both standard AR-15 and H&K 416-style lower receivers.


The complete kits from Brownells are being sold for $1,499, but individual parts are available for purchase as well. While still expensive, for those who’ve been wanting to build a 416 clone, this kit will be a much more affordable way to do it than tracking down an original.

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