One Half of a Great Rifle: Complete Billet Lower

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The Complete Billet Lower is a good looking lower designed for any sort of dynamic shooting scenario including 3-gun, self-defense, or duty use. Before you say, “AR components are AR components,” I would suggest you take a closer look at the Complete Billet Lower.

By Kevin Michalowski

Without getting into the argument of which element of your AR-style rifle is the most important, we must grant that top-notch components are the basis for any great rifle. So, when decided to jump into the components market it was great to see them focus on quality.

In addition to the full ambi-controls (again for real-life service where your environment requires you to operate from both shoulders), the Complete Billet Lower runs the BAD (Battle Arms Development) ASS (Ambidextrous Safety Selector).

This selector may well bring a new standard to the rifle.  The BAD ASS is a 45-degree lever and the is the first lower to offer this feature. The reduction in the required movement makes it very easy and quick to bring the rifle up on target, disengage the safety, fire multiple shots, and return to a low ready with the safety engaged.

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While there may be some resistance to a 45-degree selector initially, I’m confident in time users will quickly get over any ties to a traditional 90-degree throw. And best of all, users can choose between five variants offered by BAD.

Some of the features include:

  • Ambi bolt release
  • Norgon ambi mag-release
  • Customized for Geissele Super 3 Gun Trigger
  • Magpul MIAD (Mission Adaptable) Grip
  • Choice of Magpul CTR/UBR/PRS Stock
  • CTR stocks include anti-tilt receiver extension, choice of sling attachment receiver back plate, and color choices (with matching MIAD grip)

Other non-visible features include:

  • No-roll pin assembly
  • Set screw for trigger adjustment
  • Set screw for takedown detent spring retention

The Complete Billet Lower is the perfect starting point for the construction of a custom AR-style rifle. Just attach this to your upper and you are ready to rock. You get top-grade components built with input from the world’s most active community of AR shooters. These lowers are for sale at the store for $821. You won’t be disappointed.

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