What would you do?


In the story on the link… a driver saw a truck matching the description of one believed used in an abduction. He saw a little girl in the truck and he took action… What would you do? Are you ready to get involved in something like this?



  1. I think it is commendable to take appropriate action in situations like these. The question is what is appropriate action. One must decide the level of immediate danger and will the action increase or decrease that danger. One must also consider his or her level of skill and equipment that is on hand. What are some of the unknown factors that might cause more danger to the victim or the rescuer? These are simple questions that are impossible to know the answers to until action is taken, and then you are in it and it is hard to turn back. This situation turned out well and media coverage should give credit to the action of an observant and courageous citizen. More coverage than they give the cowards that shoot up a school yard. Wouldn’t it be nice if folks sought out recognition for good deeds rather than for bad.nOne must also recognize that if the decision is made to get involved, things don’t always turn out peachy keennand you could be held liable for making a wrong move that seemed right at the time. This happens to our policemen all the time. No one can be right everytime when the poop hits the propeller but when someone is in the position of losing life we have a duty as citizens to do the best we can without over taxing our abilities whether it is calling for help, being a good witness, or actually getting into the nuts and bolts of the assistance.nCriminals depend on people not getting involved, not seeing things going on around them, and not taking appropriate action. That’s why they avoid alert aware looking individuals and police. How many less opportunities would they have if they all the citizens eyes were on them and they never know which one of us is going to pop out of the wood work and foil thier plans.nKeep up the good work America!


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