Your View: What Do You Think About Gunfights?

Your View: What Do You Think About Gunfights?
This might be the distance of a rapid encounter, but this is not how you want to engage in a gunfight.
This might be the distance of a rapid encounter, but this is not how you want to engage in a gunfight.

There seems to be raging debate in the concealed carry crowd about gunfights. First of all, does everyone understand that real gunfights are not like you see in the movies? Do you get the whole three rounds, three seconds, three yards dynamic? Things happen quickly. You have to move, draw your concealed carry handgun from a holster, engage, deal with police, witnesses, EMS.  Let's face it there is a lot going on.

But I ask this hoping to get a response. What is the goal? Is your goal to shoot the other guy? Or is your goal to not get shot?  So tell me how you win a gunfight. Do you shoot the other guy or do you make sure you don't get shot?  Let's hear it.

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  1. I hope that if you carry a gun you have put the time in to know it and have practice till it is second nature! Not getting into a gun fight should be the 1st concern but if needed protection of life those in danger and yours. In 40+ years I had to pull my weapon twice and never had to fire it. It isn’t Hollywood, having to killing will be the worst thing you will ever have to do.
    Training till you do it with out thinking twice because under stress you will revert to your training!

  2. I practice draw and put 2 in center of mass, but I also practice draw and 1 in the forehead in case they have a hostage. I can put 2 in center of mass in .4 seconds, I put 1 in the forehead in .6 seconds. I also turn sideways giving less of a target. I also practice multiple assailents and can shoot five in 3.5 seconds. The guys that are really good shoot 5 in 2.3 seconds. They are shooting 38s and I am shooting either 44 special or 45 acp. Hope I never have to shoot someone but in this day and age with a totally corrupt government you have to be prepared.

  3. You win a gun fight by not getting in one to begin with.
    That said, and luckily I have never been in a gun fight so How would I know, I would think doing your homework before hand would be the best preparation.
    If one has access to an area where one could shoot on the run and shoot at moving targets at the same time, I would think this would give one better practice than stationary target shooting.
    Anyway,just my two cents.

  4. It’s called survival of the fittest and speed probably the most important and the look! What you appear could be the discouraging factor alone but concentration also might be a factor to survive? predicting the opponents moves and a lot of PRACTICE!!!

  5. The goal can’t be “to shoot the other guy”, its to get the other person to cease being an immediate threat to life and limb.
    To that end:
    Slow is smooth, smooth is fast.
    Best move fast, best shoot fast, and shoot good. Strays are unacceptable, and civilly prosecutable, but that’s only if I survive.
    This is why I like Gabe Suarez’ ‘Get off the X.’ You move to not get hit, you shoot to stop the acceptable action.


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