Unique 3-Gun Night Match This July in Oregon

Unique 3-Gun Night Match This July in Oregon

Midnight 3-Gun CompetitionCrimson Trace will co-sponsor an unusual shooting event, July 16 to 18 of this year, a fast-paced 3-gun match shot entirely at night, near Bend, Oregon. Organizers will provide full-auto firearms, thermal imaging equipment and state of the art night vision gear to all the competitors on several of the eight challenging stages.

Many of the country's top 3-gun competitors have already signed up for the match, citing the additional challenge of competing in darkness as a big factor.

“All the top guys have years of experience running and gunning in daytime conditions, but there are very few who've competed at this kind of level at night,” said Iain Harrison, media relations manager for Crimson Trace, and 3-gunner himself. “It's going to be fascinating to see who comes out on top, and with what equipment.”

Sponsors include Nike, Leatherman, Danner, PWS, Blade-Tech and Warne, in addition to Crimson Trace. Crimson Trace will also offer a $3,000 check to the eventual winner—and will double that amount if their products are used on all three of the competitor's guns.


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