What Can Your Concealed Carry Handgun Do?

What Can Your Concealed Carry Handgun Do?
This is no way to live. Learn the laws of your state so the use of your concealed carry handgun doesn't land you in jail.
This is no way to live. Learn the laws of your state so the use of your concealed carry handgun doesn't land you in jail.

The reality is your handgun can do nothing without you. But your use of the that handgun could land you in jail.

This space is not all good news about fancy concealed carry handguns and holsters. Time for a reality check. Once you drop a handgun into a holster and walk out the door you have accepted a giant responsibility; one with consequences some people never think about. Your CCW permit is not a license to act contrary to public safety. It is simply a permission slip to keep the means to your defense on your person. You are still required to abide by all the laws of your state or municipality. Once you pull your gun, you are suddenly under increased scrutiny. If you FIRE your gun, the post shooting investigation will be intrusive and thorough. Keep in mind that many police agencies and many more prosecutors are anti-gun and could go out of their way to find something to charge you with.

The point here is that gear is no substitute for training, an understanding of the law and common sense. The best concealed carry holster and the most accurate concealed carry handgun will be of little use if you cannot quote your state's justification for the use of deadly force.

If you make a mistake with your handgun you can end up in jail or dead. That mistake could also very likely mean that you have the blood of an innocent person on your hands. It is all well and good to talk big about stopping the bad guys with your pistol, but there are some things you can count on after a deadly force incident: You will be contacted by police. You very likely will be handcuffed and taken to the police station for questioning. The officers will likely take your gun for the investigation. Do not resist. Cooperate to the extent you feel comfortable without your attorney present.

Your goal is the make sure you do everything correctly before, during and after a deadly force incident. It is your responsibility and the consequences fall on your shoulders. Your life and your freedom depends on it.

For the record, here is Wisconsin, you can use deadly force when you are faced with, “Any action that has caused or imminently threatens to cause death or great bodily harm to another person or persons.”

Study hard, your freedom depends on what you know and how you use that information.

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