Illinois: Women Advised to Use Combs and Keys Against Rapists

Illinois: Women Advised to Use Combs and Keys Against Rapists

As reported by the Rockford Star, “Women who log onto an Illinois State Police Web page will find they are advised to protect themselves [in case of sexual assault] with a ‘rat tail comb, keys, pens and pencils’ against an assailant armed with a gun or knife. As a last resort, women are told put their fingers into their throats and to make themselves vomit, apparently to make themselves less attractive.”

“I find that demeaning and insulting,” said Valinda Rowe, spokeswoman, at a recent meeting of gun rights advocates who wanted Illinois to legalize concealed carry for its citizens. “Illinois is the only state in the union not to have legislation permitting some form of concealed carry. Many advocates believe that may change as early as this spring.”

One large problem? “Gov. Pat Quinn (D) has consistently promised to veto concealed carry legislation if it were to reach his desk.”

“You have got to change the leadership in Springfield,” said U.S. Rep. Adam Kinzinger, who spoke in favor of carry at the meeting. “Those who protect your freedom, reward them. Those who don’t, kick them out of office.”

Of note, once the story got out about the Illinois State Police’s “advice” to potential victims of sexual assault? That particular webpage, referenced in a number of media stores, was apparently pulled out of circulation.

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  1. What the Illinois State Police wrote, smacks of the guy who has appeared on Oprah, and a few other talk shows over the years, claiming to show women how to defend themselves (without a firearm). Isn’t Oprah, along with Obama, from Chicago?

    The problem with Illinois, is the same as the one with New York, in that the largest city of each state drives their legislation, and both are as anti-gun as can be.

    This needs to be brought before the voters eyes before the election, on television, as well as in the news. A few good well placed constitutional law suits wouldn’t hurt either.


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