Video: AR Upgrades Equate to Incredible Rate of Fire

Video: AR Upgrades Equate to Incredible Rate of Fire

When it comes to the AR platform, typically there have been a couple ways to improve the rate of fire.

The bump stock has been one of the more enduring methods, dating back a couple decades now. More recently, advancements in fire control have aftermarket triggers an option in upping an AR's cycle rate.

With a little experimentation, the guys at Tactical Existence have found yet another way to pick up an AR's pace. Their stroke of genius? Simply marrying the two aforementioned AR upgrades, then letting the brass fly.

Slide Fire SBS stock, AR Upgrade
Slide Fire SBS stock

The above video shows the results when an AR is outfitted with a Slide Fire Stock and Tac-Con 3MR Trigger. Really, the only thing that appears like it could slow the system down is ammunition prices.

It’s difficult to say if the combination of components achieves the same rate of fire as the AR’s select-fire cousin. Even if it doesn’t hit the 700-950 round rate of the M16, the tweaks certainly do get the rifle chewing through ammo at a jowl-shaking rate.

Of course, as the Tactical Existence guys point out, the practicality of mating these upgrades is debatable. They might make an AR blistering fast, but most likely at a cost – accuracy. Bump-fire systems earn points for the volume of fire they create, but have usually won little praise for producing a precision instrument.

The combination of these upgrades might not be the best for tactical applications, but they sure do appear to be a heck of a lot of fun. But it's the type of fun a shooter would really have to squirrel away their nickels and dimes to enjoy.

Tac-Con 3MR Trigger
Tac-Con 3MR Trigger

The upgrades themselves come with hefty price tags. The Tac-Con Trigger is listed at $495.00 on the company's website, the stock $299.95 at Slide-Fire's site. Then there is the issue of ammo, which could bite the pocketbook fairly quickly. Even if the accessories had an AR cycling at the low end of an M16, it would only take minutes to burn hundreds of dollars of ammo.

For those who can afford it, the upgrades seem like they'd be a hoot. And would still be cheaper than, and involves less hoops to jump through, than owning a select fire rifle.


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