DeSantis Expands Holster Lines

DeSantis Expands Holster Lines

DeSantis Dual Carry II holsterWhen it comes to gunlether, there’s been no busier corner of the world than Amityville, N.Y. The town is home of DeSantis, who – as of late – has been in overdrive in expanding its lines of holsters.

Much of what has prompted the company’s product expansion is the introduction of a number of popular polymer pistols. But the company has also continued to added holsters for a number of existing handguns. Below is a rundown of what's new for DeSantis.

The Dual Carry II
The holster features our Tuck-able 360-degree ‘C' clip for unlimited positing adjustment in the IWB. It is made of soft non-molded leather with thumb break and integral belt loop for OWB carry. An optional J clip is available at extra cost. It is now available for Ruger SR9C/SR40C, Ruger LC9 and Springfield XDs 9mm/.45. Retail price is $32.99.

Speed Scabbard OWB Holster

Speed Scabbard
Holster is now available for the Smith & Wesson Shield and is designed to meet the needs of those who prefer a holster without a thumb break while still providing firearm retention. Belt slots are 1 ¾-inch wide. Retail price is $72.99.

Companion II OWB Holster

Companion II
The holster is now available for Glock 19, 26, 27, 23, 32, 33, Smith & Wesson 59-44, 59-46 and Smith & Wesson J 332, 340, 342, 432PD, 442, 640-1, 642 2- and 2 1/4-inch. The tuckable 360-degree C-Clip makes it adjustable for cant and height. It can also be worn OWB with its 1 ¾-inch belt slots. Optional J-Clips are available. Retail price is $50.99.

Model Expansions for the Smith & Wesson Bodyguard

Mini Scabbard OWB Holster
Mini Scabbard
The holster has been reduced to the barest of essentials, yet offers a secure grip on the handgun thanks to exact molding and adjustable tension device. It will accommodate belts up to 1 1/2-inches wide. Retail price is $59.99

Pocket Tuk IWB/Pocket Holster
This dual-purpose pocket and tuckable IWB holster features Tuckable 360-degree C-Clip making it both tuckable and adjustable for cant and height. The reinforced mouth aids in re-holstering, and the suede construction helps keep it all in place. Retail price is $25.99.

Pro Stealth IWB Holster
Pro Stealth
Made of heavily padded 1050D black senior Ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth, the holster comes with a 1 ¾-inch powder coated black spring clip. The clip may be removed and inserted on opposite side for left hand carry. A spare magazine pouch is standard for auto loader models. Retail price is $38.99.

Tuck This IWB Holster
Tuck-This II
Built from heavily padded 1050D black senior Ballistic nylon and lined with slick pack cloth. The tuckable 3600TM clip can swing from cross draw to FBI-strong side carry, and even the small of the back. Retail price is $39.99.

Nemesis Pocket Holster
The pocket holster’s inside is made of a slick pack cloth for a low friction draw, and the core is just the right amount of foam to break up the outline of the gun along. It is reinforced with added polymer in the right places. Retail price is $24.99.

Superfly Pocket Holster
The holster comes with a removable, reversible outer flap to even further disguise the firearm. The inside is made of slick pack cloth for a low friction draw and is reinforced with added polymer in the right places. Retail price is $38.99.

Apache Ankle Holster
Apache Ankle Rig
A 5-inch wide elasticized leg band largely eliminates the unwanted rocking motion commonly associated with ankle holsters. All semi-auto models feature an adjustable hook/loop thumb break. Optional C14 ankle support strap is available. Retail price is $54.99.

Insider IWB Holster

The Insider contains design features to minimize bulk. It is made with a heavy-duty spring steel clip positioned high for deep cover. The leather is soft and un-molded. Retail price is $27.99.

Cozy Partner OWB Holster
Cozy Partner

Features a tension device and precise molding for handgun retention. A memory band retains the holster's shape for easy one handed re-holstering. 1 ¾-inch split belt loop is standard. Must be worn with a belt. Retail price is $75.99.

Maverick IWB Holster
Holster features detailed molding along with a sturdy steel spring clip for easy on and off. This holster will accommodate belts up to 1 3/4″ wide and is available in premium black or tan saddle leather. Retail price is $50.99.

Quick Snap OWB Holster
Quick Snap
Holster features a one way snap on belt loop for easy on and off, and precise molding. It will accommodate belts up to 1 ½-inch wide. The Quick Snap is available in premium black or tan saddle leather. Retail price is $50.99.

Pop Up IWB Holster

Holster is built from premium saddle leather with rough side out design and features a tough powder coated “J” clip. The pistol rides low and out of sight. The draw is accomplished by pushing up at the muzzle end. Must be worn with a belt. Retail price is $46.99.


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