Redding Releases a Number of New Precision Reloading Die Sets

Redding Releases a Number of New Precision Reloading Die Sets


Redding is synonymous with precision reloading and has introduced a number of new precision reloading die sets that are sure to keep shooters on target.

When it comes to ammunition reloading the name Redding has resonance. For going on 75 years the New York manufacturer has produced some of the most trusted instruments for loading precision ammunition. From their iconic T-7 Turret Press to carbide dies, Redding has done its part to keep shooters on target.

And the company isn't taking 2015 off in aiding reloaders in holding their ammunition to the tightest possible tolerances. The company has released a number of new and refined products that, by all rights, should have shooters knocking out the X ring more often.

Premium Series Reloading Die SetsPremium Series Reloading Die Sets

Once Redding released a bullet-seating micrometer for its standard dies, reloaders demanded it be part of a set. So was born the Premium Series Set. The two- and three-die sets include the precision adjustment device, but isn’t the only upgrade. The sizing die has also been tweaked, boasting the company’s carbide sizing button. The free-floating button self centers, allowing for more uniform neck sizing. The sets are presently available for 19 different rifle cartridges. Two-die sets include only a full-length sizing die, while the three-die sets also include a neck-sizing die. MSRP: two-die set $144, three-die set $186.

Master Hunter Series Reloading Die SetMaster Hunter Series Reloading Die Set

Shooting for a deer round as accurate as one you’ll find on a competitive firing line? Then the Master Hunter Series might have place on your reloading bench. The die set is an outgrowth of Redding’s popular National Match Series, but is slightly abbreviated. The Master Hunter sets come with Redding’s standard full-length sizing die and competition seating die, but is sans the National Match Series taper crimp die. The seating die is particularly impressive, topped with a micrometer that allows for seating in .001” increments. Available in 18 rifle cartridges, including Nosler two proprietary cartridges – the 26 and 28 Nosler. MSRP: $206.

Dual Ring Carbide Sizing Reloading SetsDual Ring Carbide Sizing Reloading Sets

Redding shot for longer brass life for straight-walled cases with the introduction of its dual carbide ring system. Now it’s offering the innovative die as part of a complete set. The concept behind the dual-ring system is simple, the upper ring sizes the bullet retention portion of the case, while the lower ring puts the body of the brass in line. The sets are available for seven different pistol cartridges. Note, only the standard set comes with an expansion die. The Pro and Competition series dies are designed to work in a progressive press and do not come with an expanding die as most of these systems initiate this function at the powder-drop station. MSRP: Dual Ring Carbide Die Set $194, Dual Ring Pro-Series Die Set $213, Dual Ring Competition Pro-Series Die Set $301.

Micrometer Adjustable Crimping DiesMicrometer Adjustable Crimping Dies

Seating a bullet to its proper depth isn’t the only part of the reloading process that requires minute adjustment. Adding a proper crimp at the proper spot on the bullet’s shank is also a matter of precise orientation. Redding looks to take the guess work out of this important step with this new die. As its name suggests, it is outfitted with a micrometer, adjustable in .001” increments, making what was a time-consuming and inaccurate process a snap. The die is available for seven different pistol cartridges. MSRP: $95.30.


Redding has introduced 26 and 28 Nosler dies to its lineup, prices vary depending on model of die. The company has expanded its Nation Match Die Sets to include carbide size buttons and six new cartridges: .204 Ruger, .243 Winchester, .260 Remington, 7mm-08 Remington, 6.5 Creedmoor and 6.5 Grendel (MSRP: $269-299). The company is now offering a Drop Tube Extension (MSRP: $19.80) and non-petroleum case lube, Imperial Bio-Green (MSRP: $10.20)


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