Real Avid Introduces the Gun Boss AK47 Cleaning Kit

Real Avid Introduces the Gun Boss AK47 Cleaning Kit


With the market for Kalashnikovs growing in recent years, Real Avid has introduced a cleaning kit purposefully crafted for the venerable rifle.

The Gun Boss AK47 Kit is tailor-made for the rugged AK and offers a bit more than just some brushes and a cleaning rod. The kit comes with a number of other tools that help ensure this Russian-born rifle keeps running like a Swiss watch.

Of these, the Gun Boss’ carbon-scraping tool is one of the more intriguing. Designed to clean fouling off the gas piston and bolt, the carbon-scraping tool could be a real savior during a long day at the range. The kit includes a nifty multi-tasking tool and a gas port scraper that also has a drift pin punch, as well.

The Gun Boss AK47 also includes:

  • Six Threaded Steel Rods Form a 28.5″ Rod
  • 7.62mm Bore Brush
  • Gas Tube Nylon Brush
  • Gas Tube Mop
  • Nylon Slotted Tip
  • AK Drift Pin Punch with Gas Port Scraper Tip
  • Double-Threaded Chamber Brush
  • Compact AK47 Scraper
  • 50 Cleaning Patches

Perhaps the most practical aspect of the cleaning kit is its size. All the gear fits into a shockproof case that measures 5”x3”x2”, which means almost any range bag can find space for it. Presently, Real Avid’s Gun Boss AK47 cleaning kit has an MSRP of $29.99


Must-Have for Your Range Bag

Keep your pistols and revolvers in prime condition with the Gun Boss Handgun Cleaning Kit from Real Avid. Organized inside a convenient, compact case, this complete cleaning system is easily transported between the field, range, and workbench. Not only does the case keep the included components snapped in tightly, but it’s also oil resistant, so if you happen to get any oil on your pristine cleaning kit case, it’ll wipe right off. Get Yours Now

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