Meopta Shoots for Compact Accuracy with MeoRed Reflex Sight

Meopta Shoots for Compact Accuracy with MeoRed Reflex Sight


Once somewhat a rarity, reflex sights are making their way onto more pistols and tactical rifles and shotguns. There’s a good reason why. The dandy little aiming solutions are proven to get even novice shooters on target more quickly and constantly.

Meopta has given marksmen of all stripes another choice in reflex sights with the recent introduction of the MeoRed. And given the refinements the Czech-American company has engineered into the optic, the new reflex could be a top-notch choice for those looking for a non-obtrusive option.

The MeoRed is the company’s most compact reflex sight to date, at just 1.02 inches in height and 1.05 ounces in weight. This is nearly a 20-percent reduction on both counts to the new sight’s predecessor the MeoSight III. And its low profile and weight could be a big selling point for the optic, especially among pistol shooters weary of too much bulk on their handguns.

The 1x optic should also have the chops for work on a long gun. The sight’s 3 MOA red dot is small enough to accurately put rounds on target at intermediate range. And with its aircraft-grade aluminum housing — fully water and shock proof — the MeoRed is made to take the abuse many sights undergo on a rifle or shotgun.

The sight runs off one CR 2032 battery, which has 300 hours of lifetime. It has an automatic off switch to help preserve battery life. It is fully adjustable, with 180 MOA of windage and 120 of elevation. And it is designed to be parallax free.

Presently, Meopta MeoRed’s MSRP is $517.49.


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