More Light or More Bullets?

More Light or More Bullets?
Train with a flashlight. Grap a copy of "Own the Night" from the Gun Digest Store.

Understand that a defensive handgun is most often used in low-light or reduced light situations. That is because most crimes are often perpetrated in low-light situations. Criminals are predators. Predators like the advantage they get on their prey by acting in areas of low light. So, take that advantage away. Carry a flashlight and use it often. A flashlight is a must-have tool on your gun belt. If you have to choose between carrying a two spare magazines or a spare magazine and a flashlight, go with the flashlight. Here is why.

A flashlight gives you a tactical advantage without being threatening. If you are walking to your car in a dark parking area, pull your light, keep it in your support hand and shine it on anything or anyone that catches your attention. Not only does this let you see what and who you are dealing with, it lets predators know you are prepared. They hate that. As a force option, you can shine a powerful light into the eyes of a potential attacker, which gives you the chance to move to a better position or draw your concealed carry handgun when he is momentarily blinded.

If you want more tips on using light to your advantage, check out this book by Scott WagnerThis is a great resource for learning to fight with light.

If you need a light pouch to wear on your belt, click here.

I regularly carry a small, but powerful light and it comes in very handy. If anyone asks why I carry it, I just tell them, “I'm afraid of the dark. Bad things always happen in the dark.”


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