Reader: Offer Socialized Gun Ownership

Should the government supply everyone with healthcare ... and a gun?
Gun Digest Senior Editor Kevin Michalowski comments: “I particularly like the idea of government-supplied firearms. We should use this as an argument to make CMP rifles more accessible and affordable,” he said.

Should the government supply everyone with healthcare … and a gun?

Three thoughts…


If we have a right to health care and they are going to take my money to provide universal health care, then when do I get my gun?  Now our government is in the buisness of aquiring funds to secure rights, then lets provide for all rights.  The Constitution guarantees my right to a owning a firearm.  That is a lot firmer guarantee than some political hack's opinion of what constitutes a right.


The Civil War was fought over an Amendment to the Constitution (the 10th)  The Obama birth certificate issue is over a ARTICLE…. Its not unreasonable for people to be concerned.  You don't have to agree, but we are tolerant of other American's opinons are we not?


If we don't make our beliefs known now, when all we face is ridicule, wait until our opinions are outlawed and we have to wear little felt stars on our jackets because of our beliefs.

If you think it cannot happen, break out a history book.

To learn more about the Civilian Marksmanship Program, Click Here.



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