Jury Acquits Man in 2006 Shooting


Man acquitted of 2006 shooting as justifiable self-defenseThe Hall County Superior Court jury deliberated for less than an hour before acquitting Moz of the felony charge, which carried a sentencing range of one to 20 years.

The man Moz shot, 21-year-old Nathan Tony Monson, was released from a hospital just days after sustaining a bullet wound in front of his left ear. He survived the shooting with some hearing loss but no other permanent injuries, according to Brett Willis, the assistant circuit defender who successfully defended Moz.

Willis said his client fired the shot from a legally owned 9 mm handgun on the night of Oct. 1, 2006, after his client’s older brother was severely beaten by an unruly mob of at least six teenagers in front of California Records, a store next to the Kangaroo convenience store on Park Hill Drive.

The beating victim, Juan Moz, was injured by large chunks of asphalt hurled at him by “a group of ne’er-do-wells harassing a couple of guys who were just walking,” Willis said.

The Moz brothers were walking home from a baby shower they attended at the Glen Cove apartments when they were attacked, Willis said.

The prosecution sought to show Juan Moz was confronted after he made advances on a young girl at the apartment complex, but Moz denied that allegation.

While down on the ground, Juan Moz was kicked in the face by a teenage girl who was charged and later prosecuted in juvenile court, Willis said. Read more

Source: gainesvilletimes.com


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