Video: Review of Colt’s Cost-Effective AR – the 6920

Video: Review of Colt’s Cost-Effective AR – the 6920

At this point and time, AR-style rifles run the entire gambit when it comes to prices. Really, there is an option for nearly every pocketbook – thick or thin. But what model offers the most bang for the buck? Well, when it comes to tactical rifles in the $1,000 range, the guys at the the Military Arms Channel have a definitive answer – the Colt 6920.

The above video makes a pretty good case for the rifle, especially for value-minded shooters. One of the strongest points is Colt's familiarity with the platform. No company has produced this style of rifle, in greater volume than Colt. As pointed out in the video, the gunmaker has been key in setting the standards for what is Mil-Spec.

While the video is a bit dated, much of what it covers still holds true. That includes the price. A non-exhaustive search on the Internet turned up multiple outlets retailing the 6920 for $1,000 or less. But, there are numerous stores that are now selling the rifle for more than that now, as well.

The entire video is worth a watch, since it gives a thorough – albeit brief – history of one of Colt's most popular AR-style rifles. This includes a little explanation of why the 6920 has two models – the LE and SP – with the exact same features.

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