Video: M60 in Slow-Motion Action

Video: M60 in Slow-Motion Action

Call this a moment of Zen for gun folks. Larry Vickers of Vickers Tactical gets behind the business end of a M60 general purpose machine gun and starts throwing around lead and M13 links. And while that in and of itself is pretty cool, there is an even more impressive aspect to the video. Vickers' camera crew does a dynamite job catching this belt-fed beast in slow-motion. Really, the snail's pace footage of the firearm is pretty incredible. First off, it gives an interesting perspective of how the gas-operated M60 goes about its business — at least superficially. But there is another less tangible aspect at play in the video. It accentuates the power of the firearm as it chews through 7.62x51mm NATO ammo, at the same time making this devastating weapon seem somewhat serene. It's a real heavy-metal yin-yang.

M60 Specs
Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
Weight: 23 pounds
Barrel Length: 22 inches
Operation: Gas; Open Bolt
Cooled: Air
Fire Rate: Sustained — 100 rpm; Rapid — 200 rpm; Cyclic — 550 rpm
Maximum Effective Range: Area Target — 875 yards; Point Target — 656 yards; Moving Target — 219 yards.
Service: 1957-present

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