Shooting Programs Get Youths Trigger Time in Idaho

Shooting Programs Get Youths Trigger Time in Idaho

Edward SantosCenter Target Sports, Post Falls, Idaho

Thanks to an increase in local shooting programs, Center Target Sports is seeing definite growth in the youth shooting sports market.

The influx of youngsters is also being aided by another trend: more females using the Center Target range facilities.

Local sportsmen’s groups and Boy Scout troops hold more and more shooting opportunities for youth. Center Target also offers a youth handgun familiarity class every month that fills fast, plus a youth hunter orientation just before the Idaho hunting season kicks off.

Meanwhile: “More moms are using our shooting range, and they are bringing along their children,” said Center Target owner Ed Santos. “The kids discover they like shooting, and we have new customers!”

The moms—and dads—are buying .22 LR firearms for their children. Rugers top the list—the 10/22 for those in need of a rifle, the Ruger SR22 for young handgunners. But the top sellers for the kids? Ear muffs and eye protection, Santos said.

Editor's Note: This brief originally appeared in the Fall 2015 issue of Gun Digest the Magazine.

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