Walther Breaks New Ground with the PPQ M2 45

Walther’s new PPQ has all of the features that have made the line popular.
Walther’s new PPQ has all of the features that have made the line popular.

Given their profusion, it can be difficult to standout in an arena as crowded as striker-fired pistols. Walther, however, has more than shined in this congested market.

The German company’s PPQ line of handguns has won its share of accolades over the years. The sleek and innovative handguns have built a solid reputation as being precision made and highly functional. And, most likely, the line will soon gain a whole bunch more fans.

What Walther has done to build a larger following is to expand the PPQ line with a .45 ACP model. The PPQ M2 45 is set to hit gun stores in October and in the process will make a bit of history for the company.

This is the first production pistol Walther has made in this caliber throughout its 129 years of manufacturing. It also gives shooters a vast array of PPQs to chose from with .22, 9mm and .40 S&W models also available.

Overall, the PPQ 45 shares all the features of earlier iterations of the pistol. Yet it’s not an exact carbon copy, with Walther slightly enlarging the handgun to manage the .45 ACP round.

Where this is particularly notable is in a slightly longer and thicker slide, which helps the gun top out at 1.75 pounds. One measurement that has remained the same on the newest PPQ is its width, which like the rest of the line is 1.3 inches. This obviously keeps the 12-round .45 in the running as a concealed carry piece, for both inside and outside the waistband.

Common to the line, the new PPQ 45 has a snappy trigger that breaks with a more than manageable 5.6-pound pull. Walther lists .4 inches of trigger travel and .1 inches to reset, which should be a big aid in breaking off fast and accurate shots.

Walther breaks new ground with the PPQ M2 45, the company’s first .45 ACP production pistol.
Walther breaks new ground with the PPQ M2 45, the company’s first .45 ACP production pistol.

Like the rest of the PPQs, the new .45 is designed for easy manipulation with cocking serrations milled on the fore and aft of the slide. It also boasts ambidextrous slide and magazine releases, making it friendly for both lefties and righties.

Walther has outfitted the 4.25-inch barreled pistol with three safeties — trigger bar, striker and drop. It also has three-dot polymer sights — rounded as to facilitate a smooth draw.

As is becoming more and more common on semi-auto pistols, the PPQ 45 has a Picatinny rail for the easy addition of accessories. And its metal parts are finished with a rugged Tenifer coating that prevents both corrosion and impact damage.

Presently, the MSRP of the PPQ M2 45 is $699.

Walther PPQ M2 Specs
Caliber: .45 ACP
Barrel Length: 4.25 inches
Trigger Pull: 5.6 pounds
Capacity: 12
Overall Length: 7.4 inches
Height: 5.8 inches
Width: 1.3 inches
Weight: 1.75 pounds

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