Photo Gallery: 14 Amazing Engraved Guns of Gun Digest 2015


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Our annual review of the finest examples of beauty and artistry in the world of custom and engraved guns.

Joe Smithson

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Joe has been making guns full-time, since 1985. He attended the Trinidad State Junior College gunsmithing program and followed that with working under the supervision of gunsmithing legend Jerry Fisher. He has been crafting the highest quality guns and rifles in his own shop for more than 20 years now. His is a one-stop shop, with both wood and metalwork done in-house. He also developed and makes a quick detachable scope mounting system known everywhere fine rifles are appreciated. His son Brett has joined him in his Utah shop, and is working side-by-side with his dad. The accompanying photos show an example of his current outstanding work. The fantastic engraving was done in Italy by Frederique Lepinois. Photos by Brett Smithson

This Photo Gallery is Excerpted from the Gun Digest 2015 Annual Book:

Gun Digest 2015Gun Digest 2015

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