Market Trends: High-end AR-10s Find Market in Granite State

Market Trends: High-end AR-10s Find Market in Granite State

SR-762-GripSteven SoucyMerrimack Firearms, Merrimack, N.H.,

While the big, booming sales in AR-style rifles are over, Merrimack Firearms is selling a surprising number of pricier black rifles.

The typical fair the New England retailer reported earlier this year were AR-10s, chambered in .308 Win., including models from Windham Weaponry and Ruger’s then new SR 762.

“That Ruger retails for right around $2,000, and I have no trouble selling them,” Merrimack owner Steven Soucy said. “At the same time, I have .308 ARs at around $1,000, good quality, good names, and they just do not move. Kind of strange.”

Merrimack is getting good quantities of most ammunition, though the 9mm and .380 handgun ammo has increased 15 to 20 percent in price lately. The store is actually getting very decent amounts of hard-to-find .22LR but it is not the relatively inexpensive range and plinking .22 rimfire.

“Most of the .22LR we get in stock is the more expensive, match-grade types,” Soucy notes.

With a large segment of his customers practicing concealed carry, inside waist band holsters are very steady sellers, especially models made by Uncle Mike’s and Quest.

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